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Outdoor Accent LED Strip Lighting Lights Up Toronto Homes and Businesses

There is an exciting new trend in exterior lighting for both home and business. Outdoor accent LED strip lighting is taking over Toronto neighbourhoods, providing an attractive and colourful accent to rooftops across the city. Restaurants, hotels and retailers benefit from outdoor accent LED strip lighting as it helps to drive brand awareness and connect with potential customers. Smart businesses are thinking outside of the box to put their brand on top, to be seen by all from a dramatic or subtle light show. Restaurants – call out special dates like Valentine’s Day with pink and red or St. Patrick’s Day with Kelly green. Hotels – cement your presence by using LED lights to reflect the colours most associated with a recognizable brand and logo or attract clientele for special events like weddings by showing off your LED strip lighting. Retailers – with a special sales promotion coming up, attract attention of your customers by using creative lighting patterns or colour combinations.
Homeowners also have an opportunity to let their personality shine with permanently installed outdoor accent LED strip lighting. Toronto is a trend-setting city and using LED lighting can accent your home’s architecture and exterior design. Whether it be for Christmas lighting or creating spooky Halloween lighting, or celebrating a personal milestone like graduation or a baby shower, LED strip lighting simply adds to the sense of excitement and celebration! Either for home, or for business, installing outdoor accent LED strip lighting in Toronto is a trendy new way to set yourself apart from the rest!
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In a trend-setting city like Toronto where housing is hot, outdoor accent LED strip lighting is a wonderful way for businesses and homeowners to add a personal touch to exterior design. Beautifully landscaped homes are accented with permanent LED strip lighting that can create any mood you wish for. Soft white lighting in the evening, or brilliant flashes of light to celebrate a milestone event or holiday. Having a back-yard BBQ party? Why not create a back-yard oasis with colourful lights to set the tone? Celebrating Pride or Canada Day? Pick your colour combinations and show off to the neighbourhood!

Businesses also have an opportunity to resonate with potential customers and set themselves apart from the competition with outdoor accent LED strip lighting. Toronto is becoming the city North of the Border that never sleeps, and downtown is becoming a colourful flashing display of what is on offer. Think of Dundas Square with the television screens and business logos? Adding LED strip lighting to your business or store front is a way to attract people’s attention and further develop your brand identity.

There are many colourful benefits for both business owners and homeowners to install LED strip lighting to the roof top. Stay on trend and create a new identity that can be seen for miles!